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J. Strecker Selections is a Seattle-based wine import & distribution company focused on bringing beautifully crafted, small production wines from the Old World to the Seattle market place. Our criteria when selecting a wine is that it is a delicious representation of its land and people and that it be a good value for that style of wine in our local market place. Our goal is to be knowledgeable & nimble in bringing these wines to you, so that you can best serve your customers through your wine store, grocery store or restaurant.

Cheers to the experience of drinking delicious wine!

Chateau des Eyssards
I actually met Pascal Cuisset, owner/winemaker of Chateau des Eyssards, in Seattle at a wine show put on by the French Wine Commission in the spring of 2011.  I entered the Columbia Tower Club on a beautiful, sunny day, and this hulk of a guy was standing at a corner table, proud as he could be, with a friendly smile & simultaneously I had the feeling that he couldn’t give a rip if you came to his table or not. I couldn’t resist.  MORE>

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